One of my friend showed me new cool app Swipe Home Button on his Samsung Galaxy S4 and right away I knew this app is gonna feature in my App worth talking series. I’m not a big fan of having a whole slew of gestures to try and remember to do things like open notifications or open apps, but Swipe Home Button doesn’t have some huge list of gestures that I won’t remember.

It changes the way you control your android device. It provide five most useful actions on Android with bezel swipe gestures. There are five actions — swipe up, swipe far up (about two-thirds of the screen height), swipe up then down, swipe up and to the right, swipe up and to the left — that you can set up to perform five actions — go back to the “home” home screen, show recent apps, show notifications, play the next track in a playlist and open an app.

This app is designed for phones with “real” buttons (read physical and/or capacitive), and can cause issues on phones with on-screen buttons. I’m not sure what issues — the developer doesn’t say. We’ll just trust him on that one. But so far, on the Galaxy S4, I’m kinda feeling it.

Swipe Home Button is compatible with any 4.0+ devices! Including your Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, HTC One. However, this app is not suitable for device with virtual buttons. In addition, This app has a tiny footprint. Not a single unnecessary permission is required. Free your Home Button with gestures. Check out the video to feel the easy and clean swipe gestures!


Contacts just naturally accumulate, but smartphones and e-mail systems collect information about the people we interact with in very different ways. It’s nearly impossible to maintain a single list of contact information that our primary phone and email services can share.

Keeping your address book up to date is essential both for work and for your home life. This is also true of your iPhone’s Contacts app, which stores all your phone numbers, postal addresses, email addresses and other details about your contacts. Syncing your contacts to your Gmail account ensures that your address book is always concurrent on your iPhone and on your computer. The iPhone’s Contacts app can be linked to Gmail using iTunes or by an automatic wireless synchronization.

Lets take a look through our simple step-by-step instructions below.