Sunday, July 21

Trouble getting Flash working on your Android device? That’s because Flash is no longer being supported on Android phones and tablets. HTML5 beat out Adobe Flash in the mobile war last August when the company said it was ceasing development of Flash for mobile devices. To make matter worse, Adobe pulled flash plugin from Google Play store and many browsers that had previously worked with Flash till now has blocked it altogether.

In the past I've had good luck with the Dolphin Browser, so I thought that would be my ticket to a full browser experience. I was wrong. When I pulled up the latest version of Dolphin, I was hit with something to the effect of:                

“Flash is no longer supported, so we turned it off.”

Today I will help you to run flash supported website on your android device. Without further ado, lets start with the steps:
•  Navigate to Adobe archive website to download flash apk file. Click here to download it.
•  Go to Downloads folder from your favorite file manager.
•  Go to Settings -> Security and select Unknown sources checkbox.(Skip step 3 & 4, if its already checked). 
•  A security confirmation dialog box will be shown. Go ahead and tap on Ok.
•  Now install instruction for flash will be shown. Please tap on Install button.
•  You are done..Enjoy your favorite flash website on android device. Cheers.

Do you think images are worth thousand words, so do we. Here are the images to help you guys.

Note: Keep in mind that you can't use the stock browser or Google Chrome with Adobe Flash Player, as they don't support it. You're going to need to use something like the Boat browser or Firefox or SkyFire.

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